Southern Belle Goldens 

My name is Brooke Crawford, my husband Michael and I live in small town Albertville Alabama with our two beautiful children.

I have been raising Golden Retrievers for over eleven years now and I have loved every minute of it. This is truly a breed for any one, for those that want a running partner, those who want a loyal companion, those who want an excellent family dog, a therapy dog, a beautiful dog, a dog who is great with kids, cats and other dogs...the Golden Retriever is perfect!

And for those who have allergies, in the past two years I have added Golden Doodles to my breeding program and I have fallen in love with them just like I did with my Golden Retrievers. The doodles are funny little babies that have big personalities and a uniquely beautiful coat that can be non shedding and hypo-allergenic, but these features are never guaranteed as each puppy can aquire different traits from each parent.

All of puppies receive love and socialization with children, cats and other dogs as well as many sounds and situations your new puppy may experience once he or she goes home. We take extra care to assure your puppy has the best start to becoming a well adjusted dog for you and your family.

About Us

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My Sweet Jaxon Elvis loving on a puppy from Juliet's past litter. He has a true love for dogs and is a great helper when it comes to socializing and puppy play time!